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I Stopped Reading Resumes in Word

picture of the Microsoft Word opening screen

I got blown up on linkedin once upon a time for revealing that I (gasp) dislike Microsoft Word.

I dislike it so much, in fact, I find ways around using it.

I avoid it as much as I can.

Most-especially when opening rando resumes that I receive from people (as I am recruiting). Beside the potential security risks from running anyone’s word document inside my computer, the thing I dislike most of all…

Is the loading time…

Here’s how I figure.

I don’t like Word. I don’t open it much.

Even on a fast computer, it takes at least 8 seconds to open Word cold.

When it’s open, it takes 5 seconds to open a new document.

If I open 50 resumes a day, 5 days a week for a year, and they take me 5 seconds (conservatively) each to open, thats:

5sec * 50resumes * 5days/week * 52weeks/yr = 65,000 wasted seconds.

65,000 seconds = 1083 minutes, or 43 hours a year = or an entire work week that has been wasted.

No thanks. I will stick with my Office Editing Chrome extension and save myself a week out of every year.